Jo Kjaergaard (DE) & Leydi Giney Uyaban (CO)

Jo Kjaergaard (DE) & Leydi Giney Uyaban (CO) are an artist duo, who work with community and societal development on a grassroot level. Their projects are not strictly bound to a certain topic nor media, but the method is engaging and social. Leydi has a background in communitary work and organizing in Bogota, where she is arranging workshops for vulnerable kids in the neighbourhoods associated with the armed conflict. She has started collectives for the womens movement of Bogota, and she arranged the delegation of women of Bogota in the congress of Latinamerican Women in 2017. She is a Queer activist and local social leader, who has studied social management animation, ancestral weaving and mural painting.

Jo Is an activist and Soundartist from who work with experimental medium in between composition and acoustics. She produces trap music for local rappers, and makes soundinstallation with livecoding. With her partner Hami Bahadori she has the collective THISWORKSDSIFFERENTLY, with whom the make collaborative socially engaged exhibition and projects.

Jo has been working in Beijing, China and Bogota, Colombia and she speaks fluent Spanish and Chinese. Leydi and Jo met in Bogota 2014 and has been friends and participated in events and communitary projects in Bogota together.


尤佳是一位行動家和聲音藝術家,並以實驗媒材在作曲和聲學之間創作。她為在地的嘻哈音樂家創作音樂*,並創作現場編碼音樂的聲音裝置。她和另一位工作夥伴Hami Bahadori的創作團體THISWORKSDSIFFERENTLY進行社會參與的合作展覽與計畫。尤佳曾在中國北京以及哥倫比亞波哥大工作,她精通西班牙文和中文。尤佳和蕾蒂.幾內.烏雅班在2014年於波哥大相識,自此後成為朋友並且一起參與許多在波哥大的活動和社群計畫。

*此處音樂指陷阱音樂(Trap music),是嘻哈音樂的一種類型,源自於1990年代至2000年的美國南方。