Tsai Kuen-Lin

Born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1979, Kuen-Lin is best known for his artworks made of plastic pipes. In recent years, he has also used wood or paintings as his materials. In fact, my artistic practice is not limited to particular materials. I always choose the most appropriate material for certain subjects. The form demonstrated through these materials has shown a “process” inviting audience to take participation in. My intention is thus expressed through the process of participation. Therefore, my artworks never speak out in a direct way, but serve as media encouraging audience to feel the works and to come up with new perceptive experience through their physical awareness. In a modern society, the convenient and rapid life style created by technology has gradually alienated us from the real substance – we are gradually deprived of the substantial experiences with real persons or real physical spaces. The world we live in establishes rules and laws, which are almost like “instruction handbook,” to regulate our relationship with the world. I believe it will soon reach an extreme in the near future. However, it is not my intention to deny such a trend or to provide any suggestion. I only hope that my artworks can evoke some lost feelings or experiences that we have already forgotten.