Mauritz Tistelö
藝術家: 莫里茨.提斯特樂爾

Mauritz Tistelö (1967 in Umeå) who lives and works in Gothenburg as a poetry performance artist. He is working in the space where the physical act and the spoken word meets. When the spoken word and the body act don´t fit into each other, or don´t fit into the known image or the social context, this form of living poetry that Mauritz call poetry performance creates. “I´m interesting in when you say something and do another thing, I see it as a way to escape the present code or a possibility to change the so called real situation.”  Mauritz often involves other people in his work, it´s surprising, political, painful poetry whit daily life humor. Mauritz is organizer of Absurd Festival for poetry performance in Gothenburg and a member of the performance group Ahoi. Tistelö graduated in Free Art from the Academy of Valand Gothenburg, and has been following education at the Biskops-Arnö writer’s school. He has been participating in art exhibitions, spoken word festivals, poetry and performance festivals in many places in Sweden, as well as in Finland and further abroad at Bejing Live and Peking.

莫里茨.提斯特樂爾,1967年生於Umeå,作為一名詩歌表演藝術家在哥德堡生活和工作。他的創作發生在身體行動和言語交彙的空間場域之中。當口語和身體不適合對方,或者不適合已知的形像或社會背景時,這種發生在當下的詩的形式,莫里斯稱之為詩歌表演於此創造而生。「對於人們說一些什麼,卻做另一件事情的狀態很感興趣,我將之視為逃避現行規範的一種方式,或者是改變所謂現實情況的一種可能性。」莫里茨經常邀請別人參與他的創作,令人驚訝的,政治的,痛苦的來自日常的生活幽默的詩歌。莫里茨是哥德堡Absurd Festival的詩歌表演的組織者,同時也是表演團體Ahoi的成員之一。他畢業於哥德堡瓦蘭德學院,並一直在Biskops-Arnö作家學校持續進修。他曾經在瑞典許多地方以及芬蘭和北京等地參加藝術展演,口語文化節,詩歌和表演藝術節等。