Lesley-Anne Cao
藝術家: 萊斯里-安.趙

Lesley-Anne Cao is a visual artist working primarily with objects and text. Her practice is an inquiry into and a privileging of the quiet and inconspicuous vis-à-vis spectacle and significance in the context of exhibitions and art-making.

She earned her BFA from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts – Diliman with a semester’s scholarship at the École National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. In 2018, she held a solo exhibition titled The hand, the secretary, a landscape at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila. She has also presented work in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Australia.

At present, she is also an archivist for Green Papaya Art Projects and Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong. She lives and works in Quezon City.

萊斯里-安.趙Lesley-Anne Cao(奎松市,菲律賓)

萊斯里-安.趙是一位菲律賓藝術家,工作生活於奎松市。除了藝術家身份之外,她同時也是Green Papaya Art Projects 和亞洲文獻庫的檔案研究員。

她的創作時常輔以文獻、文件、詩歌,並以環境和歷史作為主要靈感創作。詩性的想像與詩意的空間,對環境、歷史的痕跡的敏銳觀察,使得她的作品呈現一種對環境影像最小,但是卻又詩意的介入。近期展覽包括:澳洲墨爾本c3 Contemporary Art Space以及2018年曼谷雙年展,「行動教程」,歌德藝廊,香港。