Jen-Pei Cheng
藝術家: 程仁珮

Jen-Pei Cheng was born in 1983, Taiwan.
Now based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Works are in the form of participatory art. Cheng,Jen-Pei had residency in France, Vietnam and the Philippines for food research and art works.

The statement is about food how to be expressed in history and culture, as well as to explore the local conditions and customs of their own cultural differences. The summer of 2014 began a long-term project with strangers in Paris focusing on the relationship between food culture and memory.

創作形式以表演及計畫式藝術為主,曾駐村於法國、越南及菲律賓,在當地進行在地食物研究及展演。創作主題主要以關注食物為主,並探討在地文化風土與自身文化差異。 2014年夏天開始於法國巴黎與陌生人進餐的長期計畫,聚焦在飲食文化與記憶之間關聯性。