Anna Fríða Jónsdóttir

1984, from Reykjavík, lives in Reykjavík and Vienna.

Anna Fríða Jónsdóttir graduated with her B.A. of fine arts from The Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2010 and received her M.A in Art and Science in 2013 at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Anna Fríða has had exhibitions in various locations including The Natural History Museum, Vienna, Künstlerhaus Karlsplatz, Das Weisse Haus in co-operation with Paraflows digital festival, and at the Reykjavík Art Museum. Anna Fríða has a piece in the collection of the Cultural Department of Vienna and is a recipient of an artist salary, the year 2015, provided by the Government of Iceland.

Anna Fríða Jónsdóttir’s obsession with wavelengths and frequency has taken her through various layers of the human existence, touching on communication with the self, others, nature and society, with a strong focus on music. Everything radiates and everything is a form of wavelength.


安娜.佛利薩.楊恩斯德提爾畢業於冰島藝術學院美術學院,後獲得維也納應用藝術大學藝術與科學碩士學位。她曾在多個地點舉辦過展覽,包括自然歷史博物館(維也納),Künstlerhaus Karlsplatz(維也納),奧地利維也納白屋工作室Das Weisse Haus,與Paraflows數字藝術節的合作以及雷克雅維克藝術博物館。 楊恩斯德提爾的一件作品被在維也納文化部典藏,同時也是2015年冰島政府提供的藝術家獎助計畫的受獎人。